Thursday, May 26, 2011

Glad I did it!

As tired as I was I decided to go ahead and work a couple dogs just before dark. There was a nice breeze and some clouds in the distance so it was the perfect time! Rosy, Abby and Patsy all got to come to the top. The boys are still in solitarty for another week until weaning begins so they were the perfect group to work with the girls.
Patsy went first. Working on the "Way" outrun with her or at least big flanks... She is a "Come" dog by nature or training don't know which yet. Once I finally got her to go the way, way she did keep it up. Fetching was pretty good, rating pretty well; hold on the fencelines were very nice. Funny when they won't move off she snakes her way in under their bellies and comes up attached to their noses:-))) Funny to watch
Next was Abby. I don't know what has gotten into her but her work has been very nice here at home. Outruns have been good the last couple of times, this was no exception, good distance and came in on balance with a good although fast fetch. Drove the field and into/past the two girls tied out, drive was ok still rolling out of the pocket when there is a lot of pressure though. Then I shed the 2 lambs and one Native, she did a beautiful job and even retrieved the one jackrabbit when he ran to the others. When she returned him to the pack, she held great balance; almost looked like a cutting horse when he turned on her:-))

Finally Rosy was worked, she did a great job too. Outruns need some thoughtfulness but she has lots of speed to the top and great balance. Also put some more emphasis on inside flank basics, the drive is coming along well. Plenty to work on with her but she's coming along well.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sally and Rosy

Well I got the two girls worked Tuesday. Abby did a couple hours worth of chores earlier in the day and I "worked" her in the process. I've got to get this outrun licked with her so I set it up to do big long outruns every time we brought stock up for eye checks. They were better for the most part...
Sally well, she is on auto-pilot. She is used so often for chores and not worked in training that she is well versed in using her brain to get a job done. It is difficult to get her out of that and make her listen to what I want. I almost feel bad fighting with her about it... not bad enough to quit though! She did better but again its the balance of power like we had in Jan/Feb. Lots of work to do.
Rosy, was great! She is catching on to driving really well and seems to like it lots:-)) Her outruns are suffering, as expected but they'll come back soon enough. Good pace and nice straight walk ups to start the drive around the "handler's post". I'm really happy with where she is right now.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Some work...

Well some of the dogs got some work this week. Monday and Tuesday I got four dogs worked.
Abby and Sally got work on Monday. Both need some more but Abby did pretty well. Need a little more than she is getting. Sally was better than the last time but still not where she needs to be. A few outruns for both some driving and a few sheds.
Rosy and Patsy got a little work on Tuesday. Rosy was ok, still pushy and she is acting like she is a bit hormonal. Patsy was great! Nice work in the larger area. Rosy I am starting driving with and she did well on that. Pushy is better for driving anyway.
Sally got lesson work on Friday. She got to do some more difficult driving and did ok though needed a bit more walk up a couple times, which is strange for her. Overall it was good work for her though. Abby also got lesson work today. Just a few outruns and dividing the boys for lessons today. Good work though, her outruns have definitly improved since our come to Jesus meeting.
Hopefully next weekend I can get some video of a couple dogs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yup its really been this long!

I'm embarassed to say this is the first day since before the Nationals that I have gotten any work done on the dogs. I got 4 dogs worked today though two of them got VERY little work.
Patsy and Rosy were first this am. Patsy did some really nice work. I worked her in the 140x150 pen and she did a nice job of grouping, moving off pressure and stopping at the end. She'll be a fun little girl!
Rosy started real driving lessons today. She did well for her first real lesson:-)) She isn't real sure what I'm asking her to do but she naturally has a good walk up so she'll catch on fast. Only worked her for 15min or so but it was good work while we had it. She also got to move the mamas and babies out of the barn.
Abby and Sally got just a few minutes each since it was soooo hot. Abby tried to cut the outrun immediately so she got read the riot act! Once she put her big girl brain on she worked well and did a couple nice sheds and look backs too. Sally well she showed her LONG layoff. Outruns were pretty good but her steady was non existent... need to work everyone more often!