Sunday, March 25, 2012

More to work for!

Well no pics or anything really exciting.  I did get some dog work this weekend, Abby and Patsy only; Sally was used for a couple of early week lessons.
Abby did well I was mainly continuing her driving work.  I would like to trial her in ASCA this summer and B course this Fall, ducks would probably be fun for her too:-))  We'll see how it goes and whether or not my bank accounts hold up.
Patsy I worked this morning in prep for lessons.  She did some really nice work.  I am lengthening her outruns and working on further drives.  She needs to improve her drive flanks too though that will come with more drive work.  Her outruns have been ok, they are fast and the lift varies.  Sometimes they are better than others. I really like the speed of her outruns and the intent is always to bring sheep back, I've worked her in the trees a couple times and she is doing pretty well over there too.  Her scope needs improvement which will come with age and experience but its interesting to watch her grow!
I need to try and work Dory and Sally more this week, would really like to get Dory out this Fall with Rosy or Sally.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Video evidence!

Patsys second Q run on Sat.  I didn't get the difficult run Sunday taped it was much more exciting:-))

This is Abby's rerun, while the first one was exciting I didn't want to take the extra time to load it.  The issue at the pen was caused by the first run and the sheep escaping...

Oh well, what a wonderful weekend:-))

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good Weekend!

I would have to say we had a better than good weekend it was GREAT!
This is our one 3 trial weekend, so you can finish a title in a weekend and we actually finished THREE!!!!
First Abby finished her HC with a 2nd place in the morning and a 1st place in the afternoon.  It was a four point major as well so she actually got 7 points this weekend even though she only needed 2:-))  There were 12 or 13 dogs in the class and she did a great job.  Our first run was good but the sheep buggered past the Z so 3 pts for MO and that gave us 2nd...  Second trial run was going great and then one of the sheep went postal and took out the panel on the pen almost ran over me so I got a re-run.  I've never seen a re-run work out for anyone.  Second run was very nice, little bobble at the pen but she did really great work.  Yeah my 2nd HC but this one I bred!  This one is for her momma!

Patsy was awesome as I expected her to be all weekend.  Very nice run in the morning was blown by her leaving the post early so she was 3rd place.  Second run in the afternoon was beautiful and she was 1st place and RHIT!  That also gave her HIT Aussie.  Today the sheep were DONE with trialling by started and she drew a really tough group.  She worked them very nicely though and we got through it even with one that had no intentions of staying with the group.  So Patsy is now Legend's Honky Tonk Angel HSAs!

Lastly my students did really well too.  I handled Wick (Patsy's brother) to 2 HIT Aussie and 2 1st place ribbons in HSAs, Way to go Wick and Marti:-))  Also Collie student finished her HT moved up and got her first PT leg.  The judges were great very fair and nice especially to the beginners too!

Uploading videos now....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Boy oh boy, long time no post!

Geez, I can't believe its been that long since I've posted!  So much going on here at home, there's just been no time to  post lately.  Dogs have been getting worked, we've had students and fun days.  Abby and Patsy are entered in an AKC trial next weekend; Patsy is in started and Abby will once again try for those elusive last 2 points!
I got Patsy on cows a couple weeks ago.   She did great though took a couple kicks; never wanted to quit though:-))  I'm thinking about going to NM for an ASCA trial in August.  I would take Patsy and Abby to compete on all three stock, eeek!  I guess I really better get to work!  I've gotten the ducks out a couple times lately too and they are working really nicely on them.  I wish we weren't coming to the end of our trial season now:-(  I will try to post the video from Patsy's cattle work later.