Thursday, April 21, 2011

Videos from Nationals

OK Hopefully these will come through ok. First Abbys I believe; the run I retired probably early but she was not working well anyway.

And then Rosys from Sunday, hopefully I posted the right ones.

We're back

I'm finally getting caught up on chores around the farm. Abby helped worm and weaned older lambs today. We also brought up the 4 ewes still left to lamb. The new TX sheep are doing well and getting used to the dogs here and there. I'll wait to break them until I put them with the ewes and lambs. All the lambs are doing well now, eating well and gaining weight. I just hope the last ones hurry up and come!
Sorry to say I'm still having trouble uploading the embed codes for the videos from the Nationals. While the runs weren't great it still would have been fun to see them. I've gotten them up to youtube but blogger is not letting me post them... I'll see if I can get it figured out. Taking the FL Native whethers to be shorn tomorrow, what fun, three stinky sheep in my car!

Friday, April 8, 2011

To work or not to work???

Well I am way behind in posting here! I did work Abby Tuesday before I left home. Did a couple outruns and some driving with her. She did pretty well for me though the outruns left a bit to be desired... as usual. Anyway Wimberley does have sheep but they aren't really worked and it isn't worth the risk/hassle to try them. Everyone has lambs on them and there are donkeys in too... so I guess I should have worked harder at home or not I don't know. The trial will be what it will be... Rosy got to hold the sheep at home for wormings before I left Wednesday and that was all the work she got since the last post. That could backfire in a big way, she's never been good after a layoff. Again oh well, not much to do about it now:-))