Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great weekend work!

I loaded up 4 girls, 3 Cardis and Patsy and we took a girls night:-)) The 5 of us went to our friend Debby's house (well Debby and Craigs house). Patsy got to play with her bro and we all got to work sheep. I have a couple videos to share once they get loaded, some great work and some things to work on.
Abby did some really great stuff on pretty light spoiled sheep. Unfortunatly we did not get her best work on video but she did really well. Maybe she's camera shy... Nice driving, flanks need some work, not good sheep to work outruns on either way, nice sheds too...

Sally, first work out was just trying to stop the sheep from running hell bent for their pen or their friends. She did well considering there was lots of stick action on the sheep. Sunday morning she did fabulous and we got video of that. Sure there were some things to work on but overall she is coming along well. I forget really Sally has gotten a lot more miles than Abby overall. Rosy, really nice work from her overall lost her head a time or two but thats expected at 2. Held pressure pretty well and was steady most of the time. It was really good for her to work sheep that didn't want to come to ME at all! She had to use lots of brain cells on this work, I've not pushed her a lot yet so it was good to see her take some heat.

Finally Patsy, such a nice working pup. Not quite 5 months yet and already doing some really nice natural work. What I see in her already makes me excited for her future too.:-)) This video is the very first time she has seen sheep off my property much less worked them. It was lots of fun and so good for the dogs and I to get out and get some really good work. I was proud of everyone! Very hot today and everyone got their job done without complaint, only a quick trip to the water.