Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Well a couple got worked

I didn't get as much done today as planned BUT I did get Abby and Patsy worked today.  Patsy got to do chores this am, she just loves that!
Abby got to help bring up the lesson sheep.  She is so cute and jealous when I work someone else.  So I let her go get the goats/sheep from the bottom of the pasture.  She brought the goats did a look back for the sheep in the corner and brought them instead.  Thats who I needed anyway:-))  I worked the student dog and then worked her on the boys, called her off and she sat in the water a sec and went right back.  I think she would kill herself working!  So then I used Patsy to bring the 2 boys I left in the goat pasture.  She did a beautiful job bringing them up.  That was it, I let everyone off their tie-outs and next thing I know Abby is doing an outrun all the way to the bottom of the goat pasture and bringing all of the goats up the field.  I didn't say anything to her until she had worked them up to the top.  It was hard work and she did great!  So I praised her big time and told her how wonderful she is and that was it.  She is such a funny girl, pushy and all girl but funny!:-))

Also I'm so excited I got my very FIRST HC medallion for having bred Abby!!  I think I'll frame it:-))

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patsy video

Well I've gotten dogs worked on all of my days off this week.  Its been a good stress reliever:-))  Abby, Dory, Sally and Patsy have all been worked this week.  Patsy is getting the most work lately since she needs miles.  Most days she does pretty well.  We got some video of her working this afternoon on the two rams, they are a little light but great to work.
I put the music to it to drown out the talking:-))