Monday, September 5, 2011

More catching up

Well our great 4 day weekend has allowed me extra dog work time, its been great. Too bad we can't just quit work and work dogs all day everyday! My dogs are probably glad that is not the case:-)))
Patsy- got worked 2x this week on sheep. She is getting more push and drive now and is taking more push back so we really need to start getting to work now. Outruns were ok, though are starting to lose the top so will need to go back for that now. Walk ups were better and we are doing some chores with her now so that should help too.
Sally- Lots of work for her this week too. The sheep are being rotten so I have to keep going next door and pulling them out of the neighbors plants. Sally, Abby and Patsy have been getting that job. Sally's outruns have been ok, though not Adv quality they are more correct lately. Flanks still need work too, just not crisp enough; they are getting better still. Driving is nice, I just need to control it.
Abby- Had a little melt down on the outruns this week... I have got to get this fixed!!! There is a breakdown somewhere, just not sure where. We are going to fix it:-)) Been doing a lot of outrun work and just very little driving. Some outruns are OMG BAD and other are OMG AWESOME! so I just don't know what is different to make awesome... She is a handle dog, must be handled to stay and on the straight and narrow BUT she has got to do the outrun without assistance. So back to the drawing board...

Bubbles is the new arrival and she wants nothing more than to get to stock all the time. So I still need to start her in the roundpen maybe tomorrow....
Rosy is now on maternity leave.