Thursday, August 25, 2011

Delayed updates

Well now that I'm on vacation I have time to post about our dog work over the last couple weeks. We have been a bit slow on work. Abby was spayed 10 days ago so is on surgery leave. Sally has been doing the chores since then, and is doing a wonderful job. She seems to be settling a little bit. Nice outruns, driving is smoothing out; flanks still need work they are tight and sloppy. Worked Sally on ducks last weekend. What a nice job she did! Great small outruns, nice corners, good flanks on them; guess I better try her on ducks this Fall too!
Patsy I worked last weekend on ducks and sheep. She is doing well still gaining a bit more confidence and push BUT still nice work for the most part. Starting to steady her up behind sheep a bit now and she is still very heady. I'll try and upload her duck video this week to share.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend work again...

Went to a friends house this weekend, well Sat anyway and got a little work on everyone. I worked Sally and Abby here at home this week too.
Abby worked pretty well though the sheep were very difficult to shed. Her driving was nice and flanks were ok. Didn't do much on outruns since the sheep wanted to run but we are working on those here at home.
Sally got the most work this week doing chores. She brought the sheep home every night and got to do some nice outrun work. I've been really pushing her on the drive and flanking. The drive is improving quickly, outruns need miles...
Rosy worked on Sat with driving and did quite well. Her balance and cover on the drive is very good, walk ups are improving though I expect will need time.
Patsy hasn't been worked this week but did get to work Sat too. She did ok though had some things to think about... Bigger field and lighter sheep still did well for her experience level.