Thursday, February 24, 2011


Got to work Rosy at the trial arena today. This was her first time at this arena, doing the course and working somewhere else! Bad me but good Rosy. The first run was a very nice heavier group of FL Natives. She did beautiful! Nice downs, beautiful outrun, good panel work, little trouble at the pen but she's never done that before either!:-)) Again bad me!
Second go not so good. Bad light group of lambs with no leader and pushier dog. She was quite sure that wherever I wanted her to go was WRONG! No downs, I finally had to walk her down and give her a talkin to (Come to Jesus meeting outside of church). We saw eye to eye after that. Overall a very good first time out for her.
Poor Abby, her toe still hurts and again, bad me, I tried her on the light group. She just got beat all over the place. Bad, bad all my fault.... So as a reward she gets to come to NM instead of Rosy. I need some serious outrun work and I'm not going to get anything until she is better. So we wait!
I took Evy in case we needed a set out dog. She did great very smooth set out work for us. Then the owner asked me to help bring in the ewes and lambs since they were being very uncooperative. I sent Evy and the guardian dog came out and looked to grab her across the top of her back. I almost passed out and yelled for all I was worth:-)) Evy on the other hand just kept going about her business. She must have known that the dog was ok and wasn't going to do anything. Evys never worked around guardians before so I don't know how else to explain it. Great job Weed!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

She's back

Yes Rosy is back so is the snotty little non-listening princess inside her! I worked her for the first time since she had her 10 day vacation and its like a different dog... Back to the drawing board with her. Thankfully she is going to NM with me and will get worked there a bit. I also have some time tomorrow on the trial field with her. She has not gotten any real work at other places so tomorrow will really tell me what she is learned and what needs work.
So yesterday she flipped on the outrun twice and then wouldn't stop for a redirect. Blew through her downs and steadys, crazy overflanking and crazy running amok! To add insult to injury she took off after the goats and sheep on our walk this evening and wouldn't call off either. Very very bad girl! She got told all about it and I certainly expect her to behave next time!

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Sally got to work during a lesson today. She did a great job! No outruns but her drive work was VERY nice. Good holds trying to help keep the sheep in the work area for the student. She held really well, especially since that is a new job for her. So much fun to be around and to work:-)) Now on the flip side, she would not take her stops at all, What lie down???

Sally, the dog that couldn't leave, I think back again to last year doing the six word thing. Sally-wicked smart, driving born, inate comedian. All so fitting to her still, wicked smart may be a slight understatement. She is by no means ultra biddable but smart, so very! Anyway I digress, wonderful job on her work today. Unfortunatly she did get waylayed by the ewes/lambs this evening when we were putting them up. Of course had she listened that wouldn't have happened but alas somedays she just needs to learn for herself...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Trial work

Yesterday we went to work at a local trial field. Different sheep and primarily the use of the obstacles.
I took Abby and Sally, though Sally will no longer be trialling at the Nationals... Abby did a fabulous job! I didn't work it like a trial course but just a training opportunity. We got some young ewes that have not been worked much. They were nice and light and Abby read her sheep well and quietly. I drove them mainly and put them around and took them out of the pen. I especially worked on the 4-5 turn since Abby gets jumpy about flighty sheep trying to run. Worked on her flanks both directions and stop after her big flanks. I was very pleased that she did such a great job!
Sally only got worked once but did a beautiful job driving the course. Even got to take them out of the pen for the first time ever. She did a great job though.
I'm going back next week for another go with Abby and Rosy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What next??

So this has not been a good dog work week. If anyone ever tells you that having your own stock is the way to train your dogs, RUN!!! Most of my time through the year is spent feeding, worming, doctoring the sick and moving stock; NOT working my dogs.
This week we had some sick goats and the two non sociable ewes with lambs are in that pasture now. So I took two dogs, Abby and Evy. All I have to do (I say that VERY loosely) is to bring the goats into the corner to catch and doctor the sick ones and check everyone else's eyes for anemia. So I send the girls out thinking this is going to take a bit to fight the two ewes up to the corner. One of the ewes made the mistake of going after Evy... She wears the marks of her mistakes, Evy did not give her one instant of relief. The other ewe followed in with no thought about changing direction.
So now I have all the goats and sheep in the corner, I catch the two not acting correctly. One needs wormed the other AB's. I then go back to the storage room in the barn and hear a ruckus. The ewes have again decided to charge the girls and Evy/Abby and the ewe went flying by. The girls brought her back promtly and all is good again. I doctor and worm the two sick and check for more.
So while the job is not constant it throws a wrench in working plans. This was the nightly chore for three nights. So its not that there are no dogs getting worked but only certain dogs can deal with the ewes/lambs so those are the ones that get worked. Everything seems in order so if I can get my back in order I'll be able to get back to work.
Thursday I get to go work on a trial field. Abby and Sally haven't seen one since early last year and Rosy won't be going this week since she is going to the puffy dog show but maybe next week...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


No its not a dating scene:=) I first worked Abby yesterday and had one rotten sheep who apparently wanted to get worked extra hard since she kept coming back after being shed off. SOOOO I took her out by herself and worked her all over the property which she didn't really appreciate. She is a heavy ewe that will walk by my side all day but does not want to be driven away from her friends. So Abby had already had enough by the time I took the ewe out of the front field. Beli actually came out and helped. Always makes my heart smile to see him come out and bust out a fantastic job when I'm struggling teaching that same thing to one of the girls.
I really wish that I had a video of him yesterday though, he did a great job walked right into this ewe facing him off. Backed her down the drive and toward the barn. Yeah Beli my heart is still beaming for him:-))
Worked Sally next, on the same ewe as a single. Left her up by the gate with her buddies and sent Sally for an outrun around the chicken house and veg garden. She had to use lots of power and balance to get the ewe off the gate and bring her in a line to me. It was fast but the ewe WAS NOT getting back to the gate! Then the ewe decided to turn and face her, well after all the fights with the two recent ewes/lambs she did not want to walk into pressure. So we worked on getting a straight line into the ewe facing her. She did pretty well and I think learned quite a bit from the excersise. I probably should have quit a couple of times but kept pushing for more...
Finally after I took a mental break I worked Rosy on the same single. Let her work the barn stall first then took her out in the large rear field. Put her out and worked her alone in the big field a bit then shed the sheep off the goats and worked all of the sheep up to the roundpen field and penned them all up top.
So we got some work. I'm not overly happy with the work we got but its just been one of those weeks!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too long?

Well I did not have time or health this week to work anyone, so they finally got worked this morning. Only 3 Rosy, Sally, Abby...
Abby- I did'nt work long just an outrun or two and some driving and one shed. The outruns need work she is tightening up badly and rushing the lift. Work, work, work... Must get on that!

Sally- Did beautifully! Nice outruns almost from my side, they could be wider but pretty nice, and good speed. Driving was phenomenal! Took all flanks, kept them together well and didn't have to be messed with much. Lifts were a bit rushed though I didn't take control of those either. Circle at the post was good she has figured out the task now. Really happy with her overall though. If this keeps up we'll be moving her up!

Rosy- Bit pushy and tight but not too bad. Outruns were ok, top needs some work. Long flanks were good, short flanks need work. She doesn't want to stop quickly so she'll get lots of work on that in the next month.

Rosy and Sally will be making the trip out west with me so they can get work on different sheep before the upcoming trials. Sally is only entered at the Nationals since she's ready for intermediate but not advanced (I think:-)) I am going to enter Abby at another trial the weekend before the Nationals in hopes of more HC points before she takes her northern break for a couple months. She won't need any more stress before that! Thats lots of travel and stress on an already easily stressed girl! So lots of plans coming together for the Spring, and lots more work to get done before then too. I'm hoping to get the girls peaked at the right time for the trials coming up, we'll see..

Updated pm- worked Abby a second time this afternoon. Outruns were better with some pushing on her. The top is still a problem since she is slicing pretty bad but the sheep were moving on her too so not a good time to work on it. Driving was sloppy but the neighbor APBT was rushing the fence and scaring the sheep and Abby. She did do well to stand in place and not get squirrelly on the sheep. Flanks were also good. So I'm happy I took her back out and worked again.