Monday, July 2, 2012

Videos from last weekend

Here are all the videos from last weekend.  Patsy and Abby both on ducks and sheep.  Abby has only worked ducks a couple times in her life so I'm mainly just trying to get her to work them:-))  Patsy's sheds 1st two my fault, 3rd one her fault, last one eureka!!:-)))

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy soggy work

The girls and I went down to Debby's this weekend to work.  We got to work ducks and sheep though the weather was less than cooperative since Tropical storm Debby was crashing weekend plans here in FL!  I have videos loading now though probably won't be ready until Tues to update here.
Patsy worked first she did some really nice work again.  She is becoming very natural on ducks everytime I work her she gets better.  We drove and fetched worked in and out of corners and off of the fence.  Though there were a couple mistakes most of the work was VERY nice.  Next Abby went on the ducks.  She hates ducks:-)))  She does work them but it seems kinda beneath her, plus she can't push as hard on them...  Overall it was ok work though, I'm depending on our sheep maybe cattle runs to get us through:-)))
Next we worked sheep.  Patsy was up first again since the group I thought would be very light.  They weren't as bad as I pictured but she did really well on them.  We just drove the fenceline worked on flanks and driving mainly.  Got a very nice shed and the work up to it in the first couple attempts was nice.  Abby was next up, I think she is getting worse:-))  She isn't taking much slow or stops but some of the pieces were nice if I remember correctly, I'll see it on video and decide then!  We are just having some fun now so maybe she is picking up on my attitude now, sigh... She is funny though...
So now that I've had a hot shower and am warmed up again from the rainy day I'll watch and see what I think:-)))

Friday, June 22, 2012

Weaning lambs

Well I sold all but two of the weaned rams last weekend, so its time for the last two weaners to come out of the flock.  When I took Patsy back to put the ewes up this evening I decided tonight was the night to move the boys.  I gate sorted the girls to the barn and locked the gate.  Then I took the two boys from the neighbors to the front pasture; I was just blown away by Patsy's work!  The boys didn't want to be together at ALL, they were spliting and then stopping and running opposite directions; basically just being lambs!  Of course I had to pass right by the barn where mammas were screaming for their little boys too.  That was the main fight, passing the gate.  No matter which directions they ran in Patsy countered properly and didn't loose track of the second making a break either.  The boys are not broke for the most part since they have never been worked other than the large group with mom.  She is very calm and fair with correction to the sheep, took heads and heels on both when needed but never lost her temper.  I am really enjoying this dog!

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well my weekend started by having to put my ewe lamb down.  It sucks when crappy things like that happen.  Just a bad set of circumstances...
Got lots of dog work done this weekend though.  Had lessons Sat morning so I used Patsy to hold sheep for students and set up my groups.  She did a great job.  Sat evening since it was only 88 or so figured I'd better take advantage of the cooler temps and work a few.  I got the pups in the roundpen for the first time, Wick got to do some chore work and Abby did the heavy grunt work to trim goat feet, worm and split up the two species:-))
The pups did ok, they aren't quite ready yet.  They did show interest and would work for short bursts but didn't sustain enough for me.  They are almost 16wks so I'm not worried that will come with some more time.  They are both pretty immature still...
Abby worked her butt straight off!  We first took the sheep up to the top, so they were out of the way.  While taking them up I noticed some bottle jaw on one I've been fighting with; so now I'll have to take them back down to doctor her.  Don't ask why I didn't just turn around and do it then...wasn't using my brain.  So then we came back to trim hooves on several goats that were walking on snow shoes; I hate doing them cuz I always get poked by horns!  So we did quite a few and then wormed a couple of them as well.  After that I gave her a quick break and moved some weaners to a new pasture again.  She was a tired girl, still broke out of her chain and came to work again;-))
Wick got to split the sheep for puppies and the sheep were being awful!  Don't know what is up with them lately but they need some new manners!  He did a nice a job and was quite keen.  Then I used him to take a group with the wormy one to worm her and we drove a little too.  He is working quite nicely; I hope he continues once his mommy comes home on Thursday:-))

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday work

Well even though I really didn't feel like it I worked dogs yesterday evening.  Treating this sheep for her injuries has really taken a lot of time and energy, my back doesn't feel like doing anything else...
So Patsy and Abby got worked.  Patsy was first, really phenomenal work!  We picked up only the sheep and shed them in half, then did a couple drives followed by look backs but didn't put the groups back together.  Took the group with mostly young lambs put them next door and then shed the other group with a ewe and two yearlings nice driving group.  We drove them a bit around and kept them out of the goats and other sheep then did a look back on the other larger group.  That was it for her, Patsy was whipped! but very happy:-))
Next Abby, I figure her biggest challenge is taking pressure off of sheep so we whiddled down the flock to just the two yearlings who are pretty light and heavy back to momma.  She did a nice job for the most part, blew a couple flanks and lost them in the goats once but we shed them off and kept at it.  That dog has so much drive there is no quit!  Sometimes I wish she had more self preservation though, it was really hot and she would jump in the water and right back out to bring me stock.  I do love that of her, while not the most talented dog she has enough drive and determination for several dogs.  She was happy to get worked hard for a change.  Hopefully I can get her in good enough shape in 45 days to be trial ready for NM!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good work day

Well it didn't start out great a very nice ewe lamb ran into the fence on a student and is severely injured BUT we got lots of dog work in the afternoon!
Patsy is doing some REALLY nice work lately.  Her outruns are nice, self correcting most of the time and while the fetch is fast that can be controlled.  She is the go to chore dog most days for ease of moving everyone and I don't have to walk as far to make her correct as I do with Abby or Sally:-))  They still get to do their share of work but Patsy is easier overall if its a tough job.
Wick got to work a small packet of goats today, he did nicely.  Not as keen as he was earlier this week but still respectable work.
Abby got to work the same packet.  I think she has sworn off listening all together!  Pushy isn't even the right word...  She took stops and flanks that was about it.  Oh well, she'll need it for cattle so I won't break her again until after August:-))
Good day though.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Work update!

I've actually been getting dogs worked.  Since Wick is here to be trained as well, I'm working 4 dogs 2-3 days a week.  Patsy and Abby usually get an extra day once a week or so.
I really challenged them this morning though.  I took out three goats from the herd and made them work all the way up the field to the round pen.  My goats do get worked but not in small groups, usually it is for students to learn driving with stock that doesn't run like sheep.  So the three were VERY challenging.
I had the yrlg billy, roan and nanny baby (not roans), the billy and roan want to be together (as much as goats can) and baby wanted her mom.  Patsy was first up and did very well; all escapes were dealt with efficiently.  She also seems to have figured out the heel, today and yesterday she's been heeling quite well.  So next up was Sally, she was a monster!  Pushy to the max, but those goats don't push on her the same:-))  She is a great chore/farm dog but not a trial dog.  So finally Abby, she did pretty well drove nicely but was very stuck on heads.  The goats want to run and she wants to make sure they don't.  She still doesn't have much bite but things do usually move off of her thankfully.
I took Patsy out later and worked her at the neighbors in the trees.  She is pretty cool to watch:-))  She does a nice job looking for sheep in the trees and brings them, albeit a bit too fast but they are going to come to my feet without any commands!  Nice work for her.
Today was also a test for me to decide who to take to New Mexico.  We are definitly going and Patsy is going to debut in ASCA but I was leaning towards Sally to take since she can usually take care of herself with stock. Abby is still more controlable and has more miles.  This will be her last big travel to trial so we'll give it a shot!  Fingers crossed I can get her in shape by the time we leave.