Sunday, June 17, 2012


Well my weekend started by having to put my ewe lamb down.  It sucks when crappy things like that happen.  Just a bad set of circumstances...
Got lots of dog work done this weekend though.  Had lessons Sat morning so I used Patsy to hold sheep for students and set up my groups.  She did a great job.  Sat evening since it was only 88 or so figured I'd better take advantage of the cooler temps and work a few.  I got the pups in the roundpen for the first time, Wick got to do some chore work and Abby did the heavy grunt work to trim goat feet, worm and split up the two species:-))
The pups did ok, they aren't quite ready yet.  They did show interest and would work for short bursts but didn't sustain enough for me.  They are almost 16wks so I'm not worried that will come with some more time.  They are both pretty immature still...
Abby worked her butt straight off!  We first took the sheep up to the top, so they were out of the way.  While taking them up I noticed some bottle jaw on one I've been fighting with; so now I'll have to take them back down to doctor her.  Don't ask why I didn't just turn around and do it then...wasn't using my brain.  So then we came back to trim hooves on several goats that were walking on snow shoes; I hate doing them cuz I always get poked by horns!  So we did quite a few and then wormed a couple of them as well.  After that I gave her a quick break and moved some weaners to a new pasture again.  She was a tired girl, still broke out of her chain and came to work again;-))
Wick got to split the sheep for puppies and the sheep were being awful!  Don't know what is up with them lately but they need some new manners!  He did a nice a job and was quite keen.  Then I used him to take a group with the wormy one to worm her and we drove a little too.  He is working quite nicely; I hope he continues once his mommy comes home on Thursday:-))

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