Friday, June 22, 2012

Weaning lambs

Well I sold all but two of the weaned rams last weekend, so its time for the last two weaners to come out of the flock.  When I took Patsy back to put the ewes up this evening I decided tonight was the night to move the boys.  I gate sorted the girls to the barn and locked the gate.  Then I took the two boys from the neighbors to the front pasture; I was just blown away by Patsy's work!  The boys didn't want to be together at ALL, they were spliting and then stopping and running opposite directions; basically just being lambs!  Of course I had to pass right by the barn where mammas were screaming for their little boys too.  That was the main fight, passing the gate.  No matter which directions they ran in Patsy countered properly and didn't loose track of the second making a break either.  The boys are not broke for the most part since they have never been worked other than the large group with mom.  She is very calm and fair with correction to the sheep, took heads and heels on both when needed but never lost her temper.  I am really enjoying this dog!


  1. Go, Patasy! That's so awesome! So thrilling when they do the work they were designed to do!

  2. How fun! She sounds like she is a blast :) I love working lambs, you just never know what they are going to do.