Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainy soggy work

The girls and I went down to Debby's this weekend to work.  We got to work ducks and sheep though the weather was less than cooperative since Tropical storm Debby was crashing weekend plans here in FL!  I have videos loading now though probably won't be ready until Tues to update here.
Patsy worked first she did some really nice work again.  She is becoming very natural on ducks everytime I work her she gets better.  We drove and fetched worked in and out of corners and off of the fence.  Though there were a couple mistakes most of the work was VERY nice.  Next Abby went on the ducks.  She hates ducks:-)))  She does work them but it seems kinda beneath her, plus she can't push as hard on them...  Overall it was ok work though, I'm depending on our sheep maybe cattle runs to get us through:-)))
Next we worked sheep.  Patsy was up first again since the group I thought would be very light.  They weren't as bad as I pictured but she did really well on them.  We just drove the fenceline worked on flanks and driving mainly.  Got a very nice shed and the work up to it in the first couple attempts was nice.  Abby was next up, I think she is getting worse:-))  She isn't taking much slow or stops but some of the pieces were nice if I remember correctly, I'll see it on video and decide then!  We are just having some fun now so maybe she is picking up on my attitude now, sigh... She is funny though...
So now that I've had a hot shower and am warmed up again from the rainy day I'll watch and see what I think:-)))

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  1. I just think it's funny that your friend is a tropical storm! Also, is working Patsy like driving a finely tuned sports car? Would that make Abby a Mini Cooper?