Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday work

Well even though I really didn't feel like it I worked dogs yesterday evening.  Treating this sheep for her injuries has really taken a lot of time and energy, my back doesn't feel like doing anything else...
So Patsy and Abby got worked.  Patsy was first, really phenomenal work!  We picked up only the sheep and shed them in half, then did a couple drives followed by look backs but didn't put the groups back together.  Took the group with mostly young lambs put them next door and then shed the other group with a ewe and two yearlings nice driving group.  We drove them a bit around and kept them out of the goats and other sheep then did a look back on the other larger group.  That was it for her, Patsy was whipped! but very happy:-))
Next Abby, I figure her biggest challenge is taking pressure off of sheep so we whiddled down the flock to just the two yearlings who are pretty light and heavy back to momma.  She did a nice job for the most part, blew a couple flanks and lost them in the goats once but we shed them off and kept at it.  That dog has so much drive there is no quit!  Sometimes I wish she had more self preservation though, it was really hot and she would jump in the water and right back out to bring me stock.  I do love that of her, while not the most talented dog she has enough drive and determination for several dogs.  She was happy to get worked hard for a change.  Hopefully I can get her in good enough shape in 45 days to be trial ready for NM!

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