Sunday, June 10, 2012

Good work day

Well it didn't start out great a very nice ewe lamb ran into the fence on a student and is severely injured BUT we got lots of dog work in the afternoon!
Patsy is doing some REALLY nice work lately.  Her outruns are nice, self correcting most of the time and while the fetch is fast that can be controlled.  She is the go to chore dog most days for ease of moving everyone and I don't have to walk as far to make her correct as I do with Abby or Sally:-))  They still get to do their share of work but Patsy is easier overall if its a tough job.
Wick got to work a small packet of goats today, he did nicely.  Not as keen as he was earlier this week but still respectable work.
Abby got to work the same packet.  I think she has sworn off listening all together!  Pushy isn't even the right word...  She took stops and flanks that was about it.  Oh well, she'll need it for cattle so I won't break her again until after August:-))
Good day though.

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