Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Work update!

I've actually been getting dogs worked.  Since Wick is here to be trained as well, I'm working 4 dogs 2-3 days a week.  Patsy and Abby usually get an extra day once a week or so.
I really challenged them this morning though.  I took out three goats from the herd and made them work all the way up the field to the round pen.  My goats do get worked but not in small groups, usually it is for students to learn driving with stock that doesn't run like sheep.  So the three were VERY challenging.
I had the yrlg billy, roan and nanny baby (not roans), the billy and roan want to be together (as much as goats can) and baby wanted her mom.  Patsy was first up and did very well; all escapes were dealt with efficiently.  She also seems to have figured out the heel, today and yesterday she's been heeling quite well.  So next up was Sally, she was a monster!  Pushy to the max, but those goats don't push on her the same:-))  She is a great chore/farm dog but not a trial dog.  So finally Abby, she did pretty well drove nicely but was very stuck on heads.  The goats want to run and she wants to make sure they don't.  She still doesn't have much bite but things do usually move off of her thankfully.
I took Patsy out later and worked her at the neighbors in the trees.  She is pretty cool to watch:-))  She does a nice job looking for sheep in the trees and brings them, albeit a bit too fast but they are going to come to my feet without any commands!  Nice work for her.
Today was also a test for me to decide who to take to New Mexico.  We are definitly going and Patsy is going to debut in ASCA but I was leaning towards Sally to take since she can usually take care of herself with stock. Abby is still more controlable and has more miles.  This will be her last big travel to trial so we'll give it a shot!  Fingers crossed I can get her in shape by the time we leave.

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  1. Good luck to Patsy on her ASCA debut! We will be waiting anxiously to hear how she does in NM. And Bolt says, Mom, don't forget to send postcards from your trip!